The EU explodes in paroxysms of violence driven by animal fear.

East vs west, north vs south. The centre will never hold.

Mass migration ruins whatever crops are still able to grow, trampled underfoot, southern Europe has become a mud bath.

Perimeter fences and anti personnel netting go up along the ridge lines in Burgundy, in Alsace, only mountains providing strong enough protection from the desperate masses.

The stay at home experiment saves thousands of lives.

Memorize through purely external means, tablets and even home screen connectivity, our subscribers stayed at home and didn’t participate in the rioting & mass demonstrations that led to deaths of hundreds across European capitals.

In the East, Russia defends a line that runs 1700 miles, much the same as it did in 1940, but this time with better results.

Now the German civilians streaming towards them are largely unarmed. History repeating itself as farce once again..

But without struggle will Charles be weak?

My strength has been to face adversity and still come through, to see a world disintegrate yet continue with my work. For Charles, everything is handed to him on a plate. Being my son is his Achilles heel. The dilemma of all great men...

Charles can implement, can achieve what I have only been able to dream of. He learns, he grows and in time I will hand him Memorize...

130 / 90

Vienna is flattened by a T-bomb.

So unreal it could be a computer game. Russia warns the west: keep out! Now the world has become like that orphanage in Kenya. Catastrophic psychological damage. Memorize has to intervene.

My relationship with Claudine finally comes to its conclusion.

This marriage was nothing more than a partnership, and it's time for us to go our separate ways. I have my heir, that is what really matters. It's not with happiness but gritted teeth that I prepare to return to the city of my childhood.

Now the whole of Europe is a laboratory.

Everything needs to be examined, recorded, a history of feeling and emotion to be catalogued.

Mass demonstration in NY against Memorize!

For "exploiting the situation, war profiteering!" But I can show them sales figures that are through the roof since the bomb dropped! I will be understood by these people, they will come to understand me.

It is my memories I want to replace.

After seeing the burnt out shell of my parents' apartment, the crowds of gas masked faces, the power shortages, the constant rain; this is hell for sure, and little Charles will never know what it was once like...

Now I yearn to be my own patient.

My mind crowds with memory, little space for original thought; I ponder and replay all the mistakes, all the sadnesses of this long life. Now, finally, it is time for me to forget.

What to replace them with? Pathetic false happiness, a fake past with Molly as what, the mother of my child, or the mother of a child I never had?

I fear for Charles, as a father. As somebody to run my company? I fear for him also. Now he has the power and ability to help me, as it should be in the constant cycle of the generations.

First memory upgrade experiment!

A young girl rescued from the war zone of lower Balkan peninsula. Three chemical devices exploded there over the last six months, the place is a living hell. We watch this in her brainwaves, now it comes, the moment we have been working towards for decades..

Matching her profile we replace, map over her cortex a sequence of memories with a radically reduced trauma threshold.

It’s the emotion that’s replaced, not the people or places involved. This is no simple memory transplant device!

The girl wakes up, talks, smiles and asks us when she can go home.

Now that isn’t in my remit, to go back in time to a pre-war Balkans!

I return to work, and it is hatred that concerns me.

If we can reduce the urge to hate, or cauterize it altogether, then the world can get better. There will be an alternative to this blind programming. Throughout all the years of experimentation hatred was the easiest thing to read, even on the first sensation engine.

I think we can turn off the receptors, we can neutralise this impulse.

We just need volunteers. Not so difficult in the current state of emergency.

The tests are a disaster, hatred is like mold, after you have scrubbed it clean in one place, it just pops up in another.

Nationalism, political hatred is predictable, take that away and it returns in unpredictable ways... you just create psychopaths.

Charles works tirelessly, but I worry he hasn’t had a proper childhood.

Even in India I couldn’t protect him from this loss of innocence.  It was Charles who showed me the first batch of the hate suppression results.


The bio-fuel companies promise to deliver 100% energy supply within three years, and their sister company the same in food supply.

Charles wants to keep on, more testing, more retesting, but we return to Paris for the business EXPO and the congress on the rebuilding of Paris.

Charles is mobbed as the five saviour companies pledge to rebuild and replenish Paris.

A so called Neo-Paris to rise from the ashes of the last European war.

I write a program for a new AI, one that explores simultaneous incarnation.

Cross feeding with Memorize main database, this algorithm spits out parallel narratives, based on a virtually infinite number of possible outcomes, of me, of my life. Think of it as a memory remix...

Molly, my parents, school, those first days in SF, the birth of my company, all these memories are still here.

All I've succeeded in doing is torturing myself by re-living everything I’ve lost reconfigured in a hundred new ways. I watch them and myself like an old fashioned movie. I have become my own guilty pleasure..

I discuss my memory remix ideas with Charles.

He smiles and says I am like the child who dreams of eating every cake on the plate when he knows he can only have one. 'Who said he could only have one?' I ask. 'God,' he replied. 'Who provided the plate?" I reply.

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Congratulations, you unlocked the $$ memory. Chess Is Mental Torture So This Is Love Mind Games Artificial Intelligence

Unlock all 4 memories to download exclusive content.

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This is the journal of Antoine Cartier-Wells. Hacker, chess player, social entrepreneur and founder of Memorize.

You have found it because you use the internet and live in a world where social media, sharing, and information consumption is a way of life - welcome to your world.

This journal plots the birth of Memorize, a company founded on the simple principle of empathy and understanding, whose goal was always to bring people together and bridge the boundaries and differences that language imposes on us.

In this, the new technology gold rush, information is power. But by putting power in the wrong hands and despite the best intentions, things can go horribly wrong…

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In 2013 it is safe to say that memories are the last private and intimate pieces of ourselves that haven't been uploaded to social media for others to see. 

Everyday, everything we see, hear, touch and smell is stored in real time in our brains. Our memories define who we are.  

In 2084 this final barrier has been brought down by Memorize, a Paris based corporation, and their brain implant known as the Sensen. 

Through the Sensen, Memorize owns the most intimate and personal data of 99% of the population. Citizens are aware of Memorize's control but are willing to accept it because of the pleasure that memory sharing and deletion has to offer. However, there are a small number of activists who choose to fight against Memorize; they are known as the Errorists.

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